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by Okere Godspower Kelsey

Develop a Result Checker Web Application with PHP and MySQL Version 2

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. Hi, welcome to version 2 of our previous course (Develop a Result Checker Web Application in PHP). This version 2 is a major improvement on version 1.  Version 1 didn't allow for the internal generating of the terminal report, but we have been able to overcome that in version 2 and many more... I need to point out that version 1 is not a prerequisite to taking version 2. The only difference here is this, version 1 was developed with procedural PHP but in version 2, we used Object Oriented Programming in PHP (OOP). Now don't allow this to throw you off as it is just another paradigm to development.  We even explained every concept used so that even a total beginner in object-oriented PHP will understand and grasp the entire thing. SOME OF THE FEATURES OF THE APPLICATION : Users 1. Admin 2. Teachers (Class and Subject) 3. Students (Present and Past). Admin Features a. School Admin gets to manage the entire application. Admin can: 1. Manage Students (add, edit, delete, view) 2. Manage Teachers (add, edit, delete, view) 3. Manage Sections, Subjects, Classes (add, edit, delete, view) 4. Add and delete new school admins 5. Add and manage exams 6. Manage students' attendance 7. Manage Grades (add, edit, delete, view) 8. Manage teachers' and principal's comments on the terminal reports. 9. Generate pins for the students to check terminal report 10. Manage Students who have been issued pins 11. Set the number of times students are allowed to use the pins 12. Set the expiration date of the pins issued 13. Manage uploading of students' scores (add, edit, view), etc..... Teacher Features a. Teacher uploads scores for the classes and /or subject(s) he /she is teaching. b. Teacher can add students to the school c. Teacher can view students in his/her class d. The subject teacher will be able to add scores for the Subject(s) taught in the school...etc Student Features a. Students can check their terminal results by purchasing a pin from the school. b. One student per pin c. when the student exhausts the usage of a pin or pin expires, he/she has to buy a new one. Old Students Old students of the school can also check their terminal report for a particular year and term by purchasing a pin from the school. They don't have to login in. Thanks for checking out this course, I look forward to meeting you in the course, let's build this app together.

What you will learn

Develop a fully fledged Result Checking Web Application using PHP, Ajax, MySQL and Bootstrap even if you are total beginner.

Before Starting

No knowledge of PHP is really required. We are beginner friendly...

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Okafor Jeremiah

Sep 15, 2021

This course is really very amazing. I got value for every penny spent. Keep up the good work Kelseywebsolutions Academy.