There is no doubt that Software Engineers are seriously in high demand especially in 2022

But the hard truth is you won’t even get a spot if you don’t have a portfolio to match.

The greatest criteria for getting hired is demostrating your skillset. Obviously you can't talk your way through this one, seeing is believing.

A lot of developers have been caught in the web of Tutorial Purgatory (Continous learning without implementation). This is one of the many issues this oline course addresses. No Employer hires a Developer who is less experienced. Experience in this field doesn't come by watching tutorials but the problems you have been able to solve with the skills gained. We won’t just develop a garbage application in this course but an industry recognized one that you will be proud of.

Enroll today as we develop a Complete Schools Online Result Checking Web Application using the most popular Backend Language that’s powering over 75% of the websites in the world (PHP)

Whether you are a total beginner in Software Development or you are an experienced developer, this course will surely be a great tool to add to your arsenal.

Why you should join others who enrolled
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Basic to Advance Concepts

This course is structured to accomodate
any level of PHP developers
Whether you are a beginner, Intermediate or PRO, you will be trilled at what you will accomplish in this course as we will cover OOP concepts, PDO and many more.

Query MySQL Database
Like a PRO

No doubt, MySQL database is by far the world most popular Database software
for creating dynamic Web applications
knowing how to use it will open you up to endless doors of opportunities in software development.

Make Realtime Server Requests
with AJAX

Nobody has the time to wait for a page to reload anytime you click or hover over a button
AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) will make your life as a software developer easy
You will learn how to implement Ajax calls the right way in this course, send and retrieve data from the database without page refresh.

Be Responsive Across
All Devices

Knowing how to design an Application is one thing and making your App
look cool on all screen types is another.
In this course, you master how to create responsive layouts with Bootstrap 5.

Work with various JS Libraries

You will learn how to add unique functionalties to your web application by ultilizing the vast number of JS libraries that are avilable to us for free.

Build an App with Multiple Users & User Roles

You will learn how to develop a web application that will accomodate multiple users. In this course we will be developing an app with three(3) users: Admin, Teacher and Student, every user will have their own unique features and functionalities.

Master Industry Skills

You will by the end of this course master the relevant industry skills that will help you land your dream job as a Full Stack Software Engineer.

Write Clean
Reusable Code

You will learn how to write clean codes that you can reuse in future projects you will be working on plus other best practices.

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Resultchecker Application Features

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Some Features of The Application you will be building

You will be developing an Application with three users.

  • Admin
  • Teacher
  • Student

    Admin Features

  • Manage Students (add, edit, delete, view)
  • Manage Teachers (add, edit, delete, view)
  • Manage Sections, Subjects, Classes (add, edit, delete, view)
  • Add and delete new school admins
  • Add and manage exams
  • Manage students' attendance
  • Manage Grades (add, edit, delete, view).
  • Manage uploading of students scores (add, edit, view)
  • Promote Students..etc

    Teacher Features

  • Manage Students (add, edit)
  • View class, section and subjects
  • View fellow teachers
  • Upload scores for his / her subjects or class(s)
  • Add and delete new school
  • Add and manage comments and attendance

    Student Features

  • Student view terminal report with pin issued by the school.
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Why Is This Course Relevant Today?

There's never been a better time to start a career as a web developer because there is a consistent demand for developers who both write high-quality code and experienced problem solvers who can design creative solutions. The web and the applications built for it have transformed the way we do business globally, and is disrupting industries from education to manufacturing.

What Practical Skill Sets Can I Expect To Have Upon Completion Of The Course?

By the end of the course, you will have gained practice in various web-based programming languages – PHP & Javascript(Ajax), HTML & CSS, MYSQL and various Javascript libraries. You’ll have built a full-stack application. You’ll gain confidence in tackling new technologies in an ever-changing field. You’ll have gained foundational skill in many disciplines that touch web development – managing complex data sets, securing your application, and testing and deploying your applications to prepare them to scale.

What Does Success In This Course Look Like?

To get the most out of this course, you have to be willing to fully immerse yourself into learning. This means actively engaging with your course contents, as well as taking every opportunity to apply your new skills (code along). We’ll help guide you through the entire process, but in order to succeed you’ll need to completely commit to your work and continuously push yourself.

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N:B: You will get the complete Source Code of the application after enrollment. Just shoot me your email address and the script will be in your inbox in 5mins.

This course is a complete instructor-led online course so you can enroll and engage with the content from anywhere you are in the world on your internet enabled device. We have created a Whatsapp Community, where we will follow you up and make sure you succeed and get the best out of this course. We advise you to join this group after enrolling in the course.

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