Course Details

by Okere Godspower Kelsey

Develop a Result Checker Web Application with PHP and MYSQL

Course Details

. Welcome dear student, This course is designed to teach anyone who is interested in learning how to Develop awesome applications with PHP. we will start off by structuring our application with HTML. After that we will dive into the world of Bootstrap, Bootstrap will be use in making sure our website is responsive across all devices. Also you will learn how to query MYSQL Database like a Professional. You will be developing A Result Checker Web Application in this course with PHP. We will be using PHP Procedural, reason being that we want everyone to follow along in this course, even complete beginners will find this course very interesting as I tried to explain every line of code used in the easiest way possible. Intermediate and Advanced PHP developers also welcomed to try out this course as there are a lot of advanced concepts covered too. We also used Ajax at some point in the course to help us fetch data from the database dynamically without having to refresh the browser each time we send a request. If you have been looking to learn how you can work with Ajax in real-time, this is the best place to start. So enough writing for now, the rest are available in the course. Once again, Welcome!!!! I will see you in the course.

What you will learn

At the end of this course, You will have a solid background in PHP, develop a full-fledged web application(Result Checker Web App), Understand how to send and retrieve data from the server using Ajax, Query MYSQL Database like a PRO.

Before Starting

Before taking this course, you are expected to have a knowledge of HTML and CSS. This is not mandatory but will give you an edge.

  • Happy Learning!!!!

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Okafor Jeremiah

Aug 19, 2020

I find this course very fascinating. I really learnt a lot that I can today implement into my own application.